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Products and Services

Full service gunsmithing shop

The shop offers bluing and spray on finishes to meet the customers desires. This is a before picture of a blueing project this particular rifle is a Marlin 336 lever action 30-30.

The after picture of the carefully polished and blued Marlin 336. It was polished to a very high grade finish to give a deep dark blue with an extremely smooth surface this type of finish does show finger prints very easily and does not hide normal wear and tear from use but looks extremely sharp in appearance.

Also able to hand make a stock from a blank to fit the shooter and his or hers shooting styles. This Remington barrel and action is getting inletted into a piece of Claro Walnut blank.

Stocks can also be bedded with Devcon Epoxy and aluminum pillars to ensure good stock to action/barrel fit, which could potentially aid in increased accuracy of the firearm.

The shop can also perform single point cut threads on a lathe to get a good exacting fit whether it be a muzzle break such as the case in this picture or a custom barrel and action.

This photo was taken right after the Harrell muzzle brake was installed on the single point cut barrel of this .338 Winchester Magnum to tame some of the rifles recoil to make it more comfortable and manageable to shoot from the shooters perspective. Any muzzle brake can be installed to the customers preference and blended to match the barrel as well.

The shop has capabilities to true and action and clean it up to eliminate potential stresses on barrel and action fit and also from the bolt to action fit as well. The receiver is placed in a spider jig and then taken through the dialing in process first with .001 indicators and then with .0001 indicators (typical human hair is .003-.005) to ensure the action is running true in the lathe chuck and then the receiver face is single point cut square to the center line of the action and then the threads are re-cut square to that same center line to ensure everything is in proper alignment, the lugs can also be single point cut at this time as well. Once the actions threads and face are squared to the center line the barrel will be custom threaded to match the receivers threads due to the fact that the action is opened up with the re-cutting of the threads.

Photo was taken after the threads were completely cleaned up and fresh and the face of the action was cut square to the center line. The action in the picture is a Savage 111 that was later chambered in .338 Win Mag.
This is the shops new lathe that replaced the Grizzly one I started off with. This new machine is state of the art CNC (which stands for computer numerical control) so the lathe is programed for dimensions and then to machine does the work after the program is made. Accuracy of the machining is top notch. So a variety of parts can be made with this new machine that could not have been done on a manual machine. I purchased the True bore alignment chuck from straight shot gunsmithing to hold and dial in the work pieces to .0001 (one  ten thousandth of an inch)
The new HAAS Tool Room CNC lathe produces excellent surface finishes with threads. The ability to thread at high spindle speeds produces excellent threads and gives the ability now to machine the entire barrel tenon in quick set up and the ability to change the outside dimensions of the threads with one ten thousandth of an inch accuracy to match perfectly to any receiver thread.
These are a few Remington 700 receivers that I reworked after I received the new lathe in. The lathe has the ability to repair threads, I use this feature of the programming to re-cut the threads .010 larger to ensure that the old threads are removed and the new threads and completely square to the center line of the bolt. Also the lug surface are skim cut .001 deep at a time until a clean smooth surface is achieved. The front face of the receiver is also machined exactly perpendicular to the center line so it give the barrel a good clean surface to match up to.
This is how the receivers that were cleaned up were set up in the lathe with the true bore alignment chuck. Special bushings and a precision ground mandrel and a .0001 indicator are used to find the exact center of the receiver so all the critical surfaces can machined properly prior to new barrel installation.
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